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When you choose to give a financial gift to John Lanier Ministries, you play an enormous part in reaching out to the world.

We are called by God to reach out to people of all ages and in all walks of life. Therefore, we endeavor to:

• Preach the gospel to every creature so that the lost may come to the saving knowledge of Christ's light, life and love.
• Teach Christians how to apply Biblical truths and principles to every facet of their lives so that they may live a victorious and overcoming life and grow in grace and knowledge unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.
• Minister healing and deliverance to those who are sick, hurting and oppressed so that they may know the fullness of joy in Christ and experience life more abundantly.
• Show Christ's love and serve humanity in all endeavors so that they may be filled both naturally and spiritually.
• Lead worship and communicate the gospel through anointed music so that the Lord's name may be lifted up and the strongholds of the enemy are pulled down.

Your generous support makes all this possible. Your gifts are much needed and deeply appreciated!

(*Please note that John Lanier Ministries is not a non-profit organization. Therefore your financial contributions to this ministry are not tax deductible.)